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Oolong Ruan zhi No. 17 Jade Pearls rich flowery fruit and sweetness

Our  got the the place of the World Tea Competition Championship.)

Oolong Green Tea unique taste of ripe peaches, sunflowers seeds and walnut

Oolong Ginseng Tea exquisite sweet taste and scent 

Rice Premium Tea

tea Premium once infused is very aromatic,nutty and tagy with a slight flavour of sweet sticky rice

Dong Ding blue Pearl No. 17

​Sweet floral taste and aroma of nutty honey

Gui Hua Osmanthus Perlen sweet, pungent, champagne aroma and deep rich flavours

Oolong Jin xuan No.12 Blue Pearls​ Blue tea with earthy herbal aroma 

Oolong Four Seasons

​tarty and nutty

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