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แค่คาดการณ์ตัวเลขค่ะ ถูกไม่ถูกแล้วแต่ทุกๆท่านจะพิจารณานะค่ะ

The Thailands official National Lottery is administered by the Government Lottery Office or the GLO

How the Lottery works is this:  The tickets are available from the local retailers or retail agents. You can see the Lottery venders throughout Thailand roaming the streets and towns with their wooden briefcases. A single ticket is 40 baht but you need to buy two tickets at 80 baht. The venders will sell them for more to make a meager living but this is still illegal.  On the first and sixteenth of every month the numbers (6) are played and drawn and if you get all 6 numbers you win the largest prize and its split up from there. Good sites to check out are: Thai Lottery Win Tips Thai Lottery King Thailand Lottery VIP Tips Type your paragraph here.

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