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DMS ‚Cha Khao Hoom‘ Rice Tea Premium        As with the DMS Classic ‚Chaa Khao Hoom‘ Thai Reistee the Cha Khao Hoom‘ Rice Tea Premium is similar but does have some exquisite differences. The highly versatile Jin Xuan cultivar is used as the primary tea leaves. Only the freshest and youngest carefully hand-harvested tea leaves buds along with its two most upper leaves of each branch are used in this Cha Khao Hoom Rice Tea Premium Oolong No. 12. During the heating and stirring process the tea leaves are flavoured with a special blend of local wild-growing herb, “Nuo Mi Xiang Nen Ye”
or “sweet fragrance rice tender leaves”. 
 The final product is the tea leaves with the herb thoroughly mixed into a unique granular form.  The flavour of this Chaa Khao Hoom Rice Tea Premium once infused is very aromatic, nutty and tangy with a slight flavour of sweet sticky rice.  The tea will show
a color of yellow to a golden brown

DMS Gui Hua Osmanthus  Perlen
   This tea uses the introduction of the Osmanthus flower which are grown in small bunches and emit a sweet, pungent aroma. It is highly coveted and prized for its champagne aroma and deep, rich flavour. The infusion combined with the Osmanthus flower has a deeply characteristic taste and of high quality.

Ginseng Oolong Tea    
    This Ginseng Oolong tea is an exclusive blend of quality from the Northern Thailand Mountain region of Mae Salong High Mountain. Jin Xuan Oolong Cultivar expertly blended with ginseng powder from South Korea . The blending and production process is repeated 4 times to yield tea leaves that take the unique pearl shapes and hold a strong ginseng taste and scent. This Ginseng Oolong tea combines a rich clean Oolong taste with an exquisite sweet taste of the blended ginseng. The infusion tea color is a golden-brown.

Oolong Green Tea   
    The leaves are picked from the No. 12 cultivar when young (bud plus 2 leaves).
​ The leaves are then processed by (Withering, 

PU- ERE Tea 

Our current and limited Pu-Erh Tea is from the Yunnan Province of China. The tea is post-fermented teas or an aged tea.
Our Pu-Erh is the fast fermentation tea aged over 45-65 days. The more expensive Sheng are aged in cakes over 30 years and much more expensive.  This Pu-Erh is a slightly dark tea that is bright red once infused.
​The taste is of a strong earthy taste and aroma.  Preparation is 10 grams to 500 ml of boing water in a large teapot that should be infused for 5 minutes before drinking. Type your paragraph here.

Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea with roasted brown rice 

The Japanese Genmaicha green tea is a mixture of tea leaves with roasted grains of brown rice with a fine covering of Matcha that gives it a color when brewed of a uniform bright green and a little oblique. Some of the rice grains are popped like popcorn and one infused with hot water the aroma of the roasted rice grains and tea leaves are of fresh popcorn, sweetness of a sea air and a very beautiful herbaceous flavour. A medium size teapot should be used with 4-5 grams of the Japanese Genmaicha green tea.Type your paragraph here.

Our Detail of Products

  1.             ​​PREPARATION 

Preparing our loose leaf Tea depends on which type of tea is infused. The hot water should never be at the boiling point. Add 2-4 grans (2/3) teaspoon per 300 ml or 1 cup of hot water in a pot or cup. Wait 3 - 4 minutes strain and enjoy! Our loose tea can be infused again with hot water up to 4 times depending on the tea. 10 grams can make up to 15 cups!!  

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DMS Jin Xuan Hoarfrost Oolong (Winter Mist Tea) 
 DMS Jin Xuan Hoarfrost Tea (winter mist tea) is a winter harvest of the Jin Xuan Oolong tea variety handpicked and manually processed and was found to be well suited to be grown in the Mountains of Northern Thailand.  Jin Xuan Hoarfrost Tea (winter mist tea) is harvested outside the normal harvest cycles of the other Northern Thailand Teas. The highly selective harvest only the best grade of tea leaves makes this among the best sought after Oolong tea. As per its name “winter mist tea” harvesting is done in the winter months usually December. Like “Ice wine” Jin Xuan Hoarfrost Tea (winter mist tea) is harvested in the cooler temperatures close to frost conditions which gives this tea a distinctive and exquisite taste. Aromas are earthy and grassy with a very rich fruity taste. With the longer infusion times the tea is more malty and when poured is multi-layered to give a unique range of tastes and aromas.

DMS Dong Ding Blue Pearls   The Dong Ding Blue Pearls is actually based on the No. 17
       Cultivar similar to Ruan Zhi Oolong with slight changes in the processing. The term "Dong Ding" here in Doi Mae Salong Northern Thailand’s only refers to the method of processing. A high degree of oxidation and fermentation of the freshly harvested tea leaves are run through several cycles of heating and stirring until the desired aromas are dominant.   DMS Dong Ding Oolong Tea has a mild touch of sweetness and floral taste. Smells of honey and nuts are evident. The mild sweetness also gives Oolong a milky taste and a very pleasing feeling.

Lotus Tea from Vietnam 

Our limited supply of Lotus Tea is from Vietnam. The pink beautiful flower of the Lotus plant is used to make the tea. Lotus tea is very good for your health and will give you a calming sensation when drinking. Take Lotus tea  when you want relief from gastrointestinal problems or just take Lotus tea when you want to relax and enjoy the pleasant aromas of the Lotus flower. To prepare heat water to almost the boiling point 85 degrees Celsius add 2 teaspoons full to 500 ml of the water. Infuse for 3-4 minutes.   Type your paragraph here.

DMS Oolong Jin Xuan Oolong No. 12 Blue Pearls (Blue tea)   A No. 12 designation Oolong tea cultivar is slightly fermented and has a dry and earthly-herbal aroma. The leaves are tightly packed during processing and have an appearance of blue/green hence the name Blue Pearls. The tea will be a clear bright yellow after the first infusion. 
The taste is a milky sensation.  

DMS Ruan Zhi Oolong N° 17 Jade Pearls   

Oolong N.17 the Queen in Thailand

This  tea will be a clear bright jade/ green and hint of yellow. The aroma is a rich
​ with a flowery fruit and sweetness when tasted.    The aromatic and noted tastes are sustained without loss for at least 4-5 infusions.

DMS Si Ji Chun Four Seasons Oolong

      The Four Seasons hybrid is particularly characterized producing four spring harvests in a year and will not show a decline
​in quality. This tea is very lightly fermented tea at a degree of 10% or below. It has a clean and tarty taste similar to Green Tea with a nutty hint. During infusion it appears as a light green to yellow colour. The aromatic and noted tastes are sustained without loss for at least 4 infusions.